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Career planning is a subject assuming stupendous importance these days. Fitting square pegs to round holes is our national dilemma. Cadet College Lahore has a special career counseling and career planning cell which advises its Cadets as to their future building in the light of their aptitude analysis and distinctive competencies. Cadets are trained to acquire, develop and polish their leadership skills, graceful posture, noble habits and decision making abilities. Continues guidance, personality building and public speaking sessions are imparted to our Cadets to enhance their inborn and acquired skills so as to build them as potential leaders in the Armed Forces of Pakistan and National and Multinational Institutions.


Commission in the Armed Forces calls for a very high standard of practical education, leadership skills and outstanding discipline. Hence the impression that any student can succeed with a few weeks preparation in any coaching centre is absolutely incorrect. The fact is that if during selection and training process it is disclosed that student has received tutoring in some coaching centre, such a student can be declared unfit for Commission.

Cadet College Lahore offers broad-based quality education and pro-military training with military discipline right from day one. Such a grooming enhances the capabilities of the Cadets and builds their self confidence. Obviously, a cadet offered a pro-military atmosphere with a wide academic base stands better chances for Commission in the Armed Forces.

Cadets are given Pragmatic Education and Training so as to enable them to join the Armed Forces as potential Commissioned officers. Following stages are visualized:
a. First Stage when Cadets can join Cadet College Lahore as Kindergarten Cadets for Montessori, Grade I to IV, as Junior Cadets for Grades V, VI & VII, and as Senior Cadets for Grades VIII,IX,X & XI.

b. Second after Matriculation when Cadets can apply for the "JUNIOR CADET", "N" CADET and "
"Y" CADET Schemes of the Pakistan Military, Navy or Air Force Academies as per notifications if and when issued by Pak Army General Headquarters, Pak Navy and Pak Air Force headquarters respectively.

c. Third after Intermediate when Cadets can apply direct for the Pre-Commission Cadetship Training in the Pakistan Military Academy Kakul, Pakistan Naval Academy Rahber Karachi, Pakistan Air Force Academy Risalpur, The Army Medical College for Pre-Medical Cadets and the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering College for Pre-Engineering Cadets.

d. F.Sc Pre-Medical Cadets can apply for eventual admission to the Army Medical College Rawalpindi to be commissioned as Medical Officers in the Army Medical Corps subject to their achievements and performance.

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