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Message from the Director General

The realm of knowledge today is well nigh probing its very frontiers such that specialists today claim more and more knowledge about less and less while the enthusiast realizes less and less knowledge about more and more.
Perspective is beclouded. Knowledge and understanding fragmented into innumerable segments no longer generate whole wisdom. There lies a bay between the wisdom of synthesis and the synthesis of wisdom. This communication barrier as James Dewey puts it, leaves the student dumb-founded and wavering between the scientists discovering micro-corm in a cell or universe in an atom uttering unintelligible pessimism and a fanatic theologize mumbling incredible hopes to an order of inertia. Knowledge is essentially the manifestation of existence in the synthesis of wisdom. Sadly the importance of this living synthesis is dying out and man in full flight towards mechanical advancement is rendered almost a machine which functions innocent of its purpose of creation or the ends of its destiny.
In the environment of a consequential race for survival of the fillest, the attainment of Quality Education has emerged as the deciding factor in moulding the destiny of a nation. Yet with a national literacy rate hardly in double figures, the dilemma is multiplying manifold. Cadet College Lahore is a viable answer to this national dilemma offering a broad based and quality education to its students at an affordable cost. The education system of this institute is geared to inculcate a synthesis of understanding in its scholar cadets, borrowing from all disciplines of sciences and arts in a direct method approach. The military discipline and regimented atmosphere in which the children acquire systematic education will turn out competent cadets to feed the corps of officers in the Pakistan Armed Forces, Central and Provincial services and other organizations in the National Public and Private Sectors. Commands our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H ) “Knowledge is the legacy of Muslims." Let us unto it and reclaim our lost heritage.

Director General
Prof. Major (R) Aftab Ahmad Khan Lodhi, MBA, LLB

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