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Cadet College Lahore

Cadet College Lahore Trains young students to produce Cadets who not only excel in knowledge, but are models of disciplined conduct, mannerism and patriotism abounding with self-confidence and leadership qualities.

Ranging from the black board to the audio and video Educational Programmes, innumerable training aids provide a catalysis to the cadet' comprehension and applied understanding. This comprehension is subject to regular appraisal through Spot Questions, Quiz tests and periodic examinations. The cadet's aptitude and skills are also analyzed and education programmes are directed in response to the feedback from students.

Individual Attention
Another vital requirement for better understanding is the number of student per class. Many intelligent students also grow dull in classes which are heavily congested because teachers cannot pay individual attention to all students. To counter this negative tendency, in CCL number of Cadets per class are restricted to (30) only. Five seats are exclusively reserved for children of Armed Forces Personnel.
Language Classes
Special Language Classes in English Conversation and Public Speaking are also conducted during the year. While greater emphasis is imparted in teaching of English as a foreign language, the knowledge of English language is brought to a level where students can converse freely in the" lingua franca", setting a foundation for advanced studies, A Laboratory is also visualized in the New Campus project.
College Library
The Cadet College has a well furnished library containing books on wide ranging subjects and topics, Cadets are encouraged to develop interest in reading and to consult books from the library. Books are also issued to Cadets for study in their leisure time.
Science Laboratory
A well equipped laboratory is essential for education of Physical Sciences; Cadet College Lahore has a laboratory answering all needs of demonstration and experimentation for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
Computer Laboratory
In order to keep pace with technological advancement, the College has a modern Pentium Computer Laboratory which is well equipped and well furnished to answer all needs of High School & College Education in Information Technology.

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