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Schedule & Eligibility
1. Selection Tests are conducted in January, March and August catering for the Academic Schedule all over the country for classes and eligibility given here under:
a. Primary Cadets       : Grade K.G  to  IV    Age 5 to 10 years
b. Junior Cadets         : Grade V    to  VII    Age 10 to 12 years
c. Senior Cadets         : Grade VIII, IX, & X  Age 12 to 15 years

Note: Physical appearance of the candidates must correspond with the age declared in the application form

2. Number of seats for admission to various classes are restricted.

3. Admission is subject to qualifying the Selection & Placement Test / Interview and Aptitude. 

4. Aptitude / Placement test will be conducted in presence of the parents.

5. No certificate of examination is accepted. Admission is granted in keeping with the Level of Knowledge and competence of the candidate.

Selection Test and interviews may be held at the following Centres:
a. Lahore b. Islamabad c. Karachi d. Quetta e. Peshawar f. Faisalabad
Note: In case it is not feasible to hold the Entrance/Selection Test and Interview at any one of the centres mentioned above, the candidate of that centre may be asked to appear at Lahore or any other centre.

1. Application form and prospectus can be purchased from the Administration Block for Rs.200/- by hand and for Rs.300/- by post.
2. Parents applying for admission of their wards must submit following information along with a hand written application stating:-
a. Name, Nature of Business and Monthly Income of Parent/ Guardian.
                b. Department, Designation and name of concern (if in Govt. or Private Service).
                c. Detailed Residential & Office Address with telephone numbers.
                d. Class for which applied and name of previous school.
                e. School leaving certificate/ transfer certificate.
                f. Birth certificate / form “B” of NIC registration.
                g. Computerized National Identity Card of Parents & Guardians.
                h. Copies of NIC of relatives authorized to meet Cadets along with an authority letter.
                i. 2 X Passport- size Photographs of Cadet.

               j. Bank Draft for Rs. 500/- for College Prospectus & Postage and for Rs. 5000/- for Registration/                Placement Test in favour of The Princpal, "The Leaders'! OTA & Cadet College Lahore.
                K. Laboratory Test Reports stating :-
(1). Blood Group of Cadet.  (2).  Allergy Test for sulpha drugs/ penicillin.(3). Immunization/Inoculation/ Vaccination record. (4) X-Rays Chest P/A view. (5) Haemotology: Blood CP & ESR (6) Serology: HBs Ag & Anti HCV.

2. Selected Cadets will be deemed admitted after qualifying Placement Test and Payment of dues as per rules.        

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