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Knowledge, Character & Discipline

The motto of the Cadet College "Knowledge, Character & Discipline" is an index to our mission. Success in field of life particularly for a bright career in the Armed Forces depends largely upon Knowledge, Character and Discipline which remain the hallmark of our training and education.

Cadet College Lahore has a unique distinction whereby Cadets are imparted knowledge by a team of senior veteran Armed Forces Officers and Educationists. While education is imparted to raw minds in keeping with their existing levels of knowledge, often enough our training and education is dispensed beyond text books. The principle of pragmatic education coupled with continuous motivation is the guiding spirit. Nevertheless it needs to be understood that "there is no shortcut to knowledge. " Rebuilding from a weak Academic Base needs time, Patience and perseverance. Howsoever sincere be our efforts to divert the "River towards the thirsty" and to kindle their thirst, ultimately it is the cadet who has to deink from the river of knowledge.

Character building is the most important responsibility assumed by the Cadet College but parents cannot be completely absolved of it. While great emphasis is placed on character building by a continuous transfer of ethical and moral education, it takes time to eliminate hardened ill nature and to instill noble habits. Innumerable Prophets. Philosophers, Scholars and Social Reformers spent their lives reforming their people, yet their success rate has not been very rewarding. Cadet College Lahore gives maximum importance to character building and solicits parental cooperation in this regard.

Discipline and character go hand in hand in building a Nation. Often enough children get spoiled by parental neglect, pampering, uncontrolled and frequent outings, overspending and failing to create a sense of responsibility and accountability. This neglect spoils the child's self discipline and Academic Base also. From Reveille to Retreat Cadet College Lahore Endeavour’s to rebuild these children into disciplined Cadets imbuing in them sense of responsibility and self-discipline. However it must be understood that implanting discipline calls for time and consistent efforts.

Religious and Moral Education
Great emphasis is enjoined upon inculcating Religious and Moral Values which are the essentials of Character Building. Cadets are imparted fundamental teachings of Islam through Lectures, Dars-e-Quran and Dars-e-Hadith, Prayers are organized five times a day regularly led by a qualified Religious Scholar, Qari and Hafiz-e-Quran.

Direct Method Education
This is the last latest and simplest system of education recognized internationally as ideas for developing the knowledge in raw minds. While the cadets are involved in day to day curricular and extra-curricular activities, imperceptibly, the keep on adding to the wealth of their knowledge spanning over literature science, arts and general skills.

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